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Eyes on Christ started as a blog in June 2008 when I quit being a professor to become a stay at home wife and mom. I wanted to keep myself accountable for ongoing spiritual formation and live 24/7 as a follower of Jesus. Soon, I was writing about my life-giving adventures in gardening, cooking, reading, research. I was exploring the intersections of faith and spirituality with culture, environment, health, organized religion, social problems, and technology. Now, I write about gardens and libraries, culture and literature from around the world. These are all human creations that reveal the divine, our connections, inherent unity, and they can restore us to kindness and truth. The older archive has ~300 posts and is a rich treasure trove of spiritual practices that increase our understanding of non-dualism, holistic, and integrative thinking.

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I’m a southern Californian, naturalized American, native of India (Tamil, Dravidian). More in a brief bio here, academic bio here, and creative books author bio here.

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Anita Coleman

Writer for the mind, body, and soul. Author of 7 books, numerous articles, and many awards for digital libraries (iSchool professor).